Being A Driver Of A Vehicle Using Hand Phone.

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Being A Driver Of A Vehicle Using Hand Phone.

by: Kumaran on

Hi everyone, this happened today morning (October 18, 2018) in Quebec. I was using Google Maps on the phone; which was mounted on my dash board. Unfortunately as I was driving, the GPS holder and the phone fall down. I picked up my phone and GPS holder while driving; at this point there were no cops. As I came to a stop at the red light, I used the phone to turn off the GPS, the cops who were also at the stop light, noticed it and asked me to stop. He came out and slammed me with a fine of $490.00 and 5 demerit points. How can I proceed with this ? Should I fight it ? What can I say to the court ?

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by: bend on

This forum deals with the Ontario Highway Traffic Act. The process will probably differ in Quebec as they use the Highway Safety Code.

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