Altered Sticker?

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Altered Sticker?

Unread post by hcr on

First off, id like to say that i regret a few mistakes ive made and am aware of them and i do own up to them.

i got pulled over with a plate from a previously owned car until i got my new plates so that i could get to work. The Sticker Was Fake with an APR 09 tag on it.

What am i looking at as far as charges? Im only worried about possible jail time, im willing to pay for the choices i made.
My court date is March 6, 2009. I believe the maximium fine is $1000 correct me if im wrong.

any help is appreciated.

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Unread post by ticketcombat on

It's hard to say until we know with what you were actually charged with. Can you site the Act and section you were charged under? Or were you given a summons to appear?
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