Cellphone Ticket - Clarification And Plea Bargain...

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Cellphone Ticket - Clarification And Plea Bargain...

by: StressingHard on

So, I was driving around Brampton last week and picked up my cellphone (DOH) and had a 10 second conversation. Unfortunately, in that conversation, my cousin's wife had passed away and prior to this, she had been in the ICU for 3 weeks already. When I got off the phone, I was pulled over and the officer asked if I was on the cellphone. I said yes, I was and told him my reasoning why, hoping to get off with a warning. He then came back with a ticket for a fine of $155 and no demerit. I then went to a paralegal and basically he told me that this case has a very very low percentage of winning and because of that, it may be better for a plea bargain (option 2), because either way, the officer will have most likely written in his notes that I did infact admit I was on a handheld device.

Prior to this, last month, I got a speeding ticket and pleaded guilty for 15 over, no demerits.

So now I have a few questions...

1) Is the cellphone ticket a moving violation?

2) Will both the handheld ticket and speeding ticket combined increase my premium because it was in such a short time period?

3) How likely is the Justice of peace be willing to change this ticket to a non-moving violation given my situation at the time?

4) Does anyone else have RBC auto insurance and saw an increase after they pleaded guilty?

Thanks in advance.

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by: Stanton on

1) In Ontario, insurance companies classify offences as minor, major or serious. Any charge, be it an unsigned document or speeding offence, can raise your rates.

2) Possibly. While both are likely minor offences, two could result in a minor increase (rough guess 10%).

3) Not possible

4) Your best bet is to contact your provider and ask directly what kind of increase you'd be facing. Every insurance company is different.

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