5km over plus a traffic record means no good for insurance

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5km over plus a traffic record means no good for insurance

by: magic_black on
Sat Sep 25, 2010 2:57 pm

Long time watcher of this forum, so I can hope someone can assist.

I recently got pulled over by radar for doing and 80km in a 50km zone. The officer was kind enough to drop it to 55km in the 50km zone.

I am ready to plea guilty and take the hit, but there are a few complications.

I just got off facility insurance that i was put on from a few accidents a few years ago in my teens and early twenties.

As of October 23rd my record will have one more at fault acicdent from january of 2005 (which will clear in january 2011) and a speeding conviction from September 2008 of 10km over (which will clear september 2011).

I have now found new insurance but it will not be activated until October 23rd 2010 (Due to a rear ender that i caused in November 2004) so I can avoid facility insurance again.......but I have this new ticket looming over my head. I have been advised by my insurance broker to hold off pleading guilty until I get confirmation that all the paper work has been accpeted by the insuance company and I am clear to file my ticket.

I got my ticket in east york on september 10th and have not filed anything as of yet and as of today I have reached the 15 day grace period as per the instructions on the back of my ticket.

What do I do now?

DO I pay the fine, plead guilty and hope the insurance does not pick up on the latest offence, or do I buy time and file for a trial with my intention of walking in and pleading guilty to 5km over if the cop shows up?

Please advise.
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by: Radar Identified on
Sat Sep 25, 2010 7:48 pm

I'd either file for a trial and then call the Prosecutor a month in advance to plead guilty, or plead guilty with an explanation (option 2). More or less, same result. It shouldn't kill your insurance.
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