Followinh Too closely - no accident. Court on thursday

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Followinh Too closely - no accident. Court on thursday

by: giver13 on
Sat Jun 02, 2012 2:45 pm

Have disclosure package. Only relevant info is cops notes.

Black BMW 330 ci
going around the bend on the ramp. Driver was the only occupant and was leaning to the passenger side with both hands up near the passenger side visor.
Vehicle drifted off the off the roadway of right shoulder. Veh was followed onto QEW w/b where it accelerated to approx. 125 kph in L1 and began following another car at a distance of 1 car length 16-20 ft. for 1 km. until the shyway bridge.
Veh. stopped N. service rd. just E. of Welland Ave.

Driver innattentive and following too closely
warned careless driving

Ant advice would be greatly appreciated...
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