No Traffic Offences can stick, if....

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No Traffic Offences can stick, if....

by: firewindnrain on
Tue Jan 12, 2010 11:23 pm

I know this is going to be a big topic and I will be as thorough as possible for those who are interested in taking back their rights that have been taken from them. One thing you must know is that it in fact is a privelege to drive, HOWEVER, it is a right to travel. When you drive, you don't have the right to be on the roads. It is a privelege. Huh? Let me continue.
This is a very deep and profound topic that is very difficult to digest, however, check anything that I say and if you can prove me wrong, then you will have done what no cop, judge or any other official has been able to do.
The Highway Traffic Act was created to dupe you and enslave you without you knowing it, and during all the processes that take place, the government commits 5 indictable offences...and gets away with it! Why? How? Because you volunteered everything and gave up your rights. How?
First you bought a vehicle. Great! Is it yours? I mean you payed for it right? Well, guess's not your car. When you go into the MTO office and you register your vehicle, you offer them the true title to the car...The Title of Origin. What you get back is a Provincial Permit. When you are asked for the ownership, that is what you hand to the requestor. Guess what! You just gave up the absolute title of your vehicle to the government and now that it is their car, not yours, you become a driver, not a traveller, and you are subject to the HTA which has absolutely nothing to do with travelling as it ONLY applies to commercial activities on the road...oh yeah, when you registered your vehicle, it became property of the government which is a corporation which makes your car a commercial vehicle. Again, this is why you are at the mercy of the HTA.
So, what are the crimes committed by the government?
1) You were forced to do this therefore if you look at legal definitions, this is robbery.
2) If your property ( car ) has been stolen away without your knowledge or consent, it is called conversion.
3) To have been duped into a situation where you unwittingly waive your rights nd ownership of property and convert those precious belongings into a paid-for privelege is fraud.
4) To be held before a judge or by armed police and to be forced to pay fines or suffer imprisonment is coercion, racketeering and extortion.
Look it up if you want.
Let's look at definitions and such.
The Canadian Constitution defines such guaranteed rights as the right to travel freely. See that? RIGHT...not privelege. See the word games going on here? When you registered your car, it became a commercial vehicle and you unwittingly gave up your rights therefore you no longer are a traveller, you are a driver. People riding in the car with you are no longer GUESTS, they are passengers and your vehicle is no longer an automobile, it is a car, or van or whatever. Words are everything here.
Driving is applicable ONLY to the engagement of operating a motor vehicle for the purpose of commerce on a public highway. Commerce is the moving of freight or persons in a motor vehicle on a public highway. You were just going to work, or were not engaged in commerce, so why are you driving and not travelling? Why do you even have a drivers licence? That is not required to travel. Begging for a licence to engage in a lawful action is odd, don't you think?

I will end there for now as an introduction to the fact that you (we) have all unknowingly given up our rights and we're being screwed. If you are interested in how to escape this, I will continue. If I see nothing, I'll leave it alone.
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by: admin on
Wed Jan 13, 2010 3:26 pm

This forum does not allow anarchy posts.

If you have an issue with how the System works, then please take it up with the proper government body. Do not post your complaints here, as this is not the place for such topics.

Maybe get a spot on the news and explain how our laws do not apply to you :lol: .

This is a public forum about fighting traffic tickets and the OHTA.

I really don't understand the motives to such posts. Please note all posts talking about anarchy will be locked.
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