Lane Change Not In Safety.. Court Date In A Few Days!

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Lane Change Not In Safety.. Court Date In A Few Days!

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Hi there!

I have been researching the internet for a while about this issue! I have read over and over again.

I even tried to use section 11b excuse but it kind of backfired and they gave me a court date next week!

So I wanted to know what I should do expect in court! If any help that would be great!

I was driving and traffic was backed up in the most right hand lane because everyone was trying to get on the onramp to the 401. However the other 2 lanes to my left were clear. It was basically like a parking lot. So I decided to change lanes. I signaled, checked my blindspot and began to change lanes. I went from 0 - 12 km. All of a sudden as I was changing, the front left corner of my car hit the right back corner of the car in front of me. Damages were very minor.

We were exchanging info when all of a sudden a cop came. He was pretty nice. Got out, asked if everyone was okay. We all said it was fine. Then before he left, he asked the person I hit whether we were going to goto the collision center (like we had planned) or he wanted me to charge me on the spot. And the guy opted to have me ticketed.

So the officer wrote up the ticket and that was that.

So now that I have this early courtdate. and i know the officer only has 2 other minor tickets that day. What do i do to win?

Do both parties have to show up? If the cop shows up but not the people do i win? If the people show up but not the cop do I win?

If everyone shows up, am i toast?

Please help!! Much appreciated!!

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