Turning Right In Front Of Stopped School Bus

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Turning Right In Front Of Stopped School Bus

by: starrynight on

This morning I was stopped at a two way stop, the bus was stopping with lights flashing to the left of me. After stopping at the stop sign I made my right hand turn in front of the school bus.

After doing this I realized it may not be legal.

Should I have waited until the bus had turned off it's lights before moving, or is it okay to turn right in front of the bus? The bus was not in the intersection it was stopped before the intersection if that matters.

Here's a diagram:

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by: whaddyaknow on

What bend said.

But I just wanted to thank the OP for driving with a brain and being self-reflective / aware about these things. This skills seems all to lacking these days.

My kids both ride the bus and I'd say about once a week I see a driver who doesn't stop when meeting the bus, or has to nail the brakes to stop, or winds up stopping in the perfection position to have a conversation with the bus driver. This on a perfectly straight flat road in ideal weather.

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