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Took A Right Turn At A Four-way Intersection, Only To Find A School Bus Stopped On The Other Side Of Road

by: Charles16 on

Hello everyone.

My name is Charles, and I live in southern Ontario.

There was a four-way stop intersection in my neighbourhood.

And when I was approaching the four-way intersection, I saw all three cars in front of me made a left turn without any issue.

So I when I approached the stop sign, I stopped for a second and proceed to make a right turn as usual.

But as soon as I made the right turn, I noticed a school bus with stop-arm parked on the other side of the road, right behind the stop sign.

And as soon as I noticed it, I immediately stopped my car, with the head of my car approximately in line with the head of the school bus (We are facing each other).

I stopped there until a lady and her child safely crossed the street, in front of my car.

But the school bus driver still shouted at me, understandably, that I am facing a $2,000 fine.

And she took my license plate using her phone, despite the fact that I apologized to her and did not drive past the school bus.

I did not move my car until the school bus pulled away.

I have everything recorded in my dash cam.

And can you guys please share your opinion on my issue?

I am concerned about getting the $2000 fine and getting my insurance premium drastically raised because of this honest mistake.

Thanks in advance! :)

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by: bend on

If an officer didn't pull you over at the scene, you will be charged as the owner of the vehicle and not the driver.

Whomever the vehicle is registered to will receive the ticket. The ticket follows your license plate rather than your drivers license. Just because you may happen to own that vehicle, it doesn't prove you were driving at the time of the incident. That's why they charge the owner.

When you're charged as the owner, you can treat it like a parking ticket. I believe the fine is around $400. There's no points nor does it impact your insurance. If you don't pay, you can't renew your plates when they expire. That's it.

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