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Ticketed As Owner Not Driver (passing School Bus)

by: Bcb00 on

Hi! I received a ticket exactly a month later from when the alleged offense took place. Apparently (I don't remember and it is definitely not something I would do on purpose) I passed a bus (it was coming in the opposite direction) with flashing lights/sign out. There were supposedly two witnesses (the bus driver and another driver that apparently either also passed the bus, or sped in order to catch up with me and follow me to get my plates). On the ticket, the cop listed that there were no witnesses - which seemed very odd to me. It also allegedly happened at a time in which I am hardly ever on that road. Usually I do not get onto that road until 10 or 15 minutes after the alleged time of the incident. Clearly there were no kids crossing at the time. I definitely would've remembered almost hitting children. Anyway! I was charged as the owner, not the driver. I'm trying to figure out if it is worth fighting. The only real reason I would fight is if it would impact my car insurance. Will a ticket for the owner be on my record, and will it impact my insurance? I have no demerit points added with this ticket (not that that makes any real difference with insurance).

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by: bend on

If you're charged as the owner, the ticket follows your plate. They don't know who was driving nor would they need to in this particular scenario. If you manage to still owe money on it, they'll usually get you when you need to renew your stickers.

Your more common HTA ticket follows your license number. If you don't pay, they'll be able to suspend your license.

The easiest way to explain these are that they are glorified parking tickets. No, they wont impact your insurance. Treat them as you would treat any parking ticket.

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