School Bus At A Cross Section

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School Bus At A Cross Section

by: amaa on


I need your help as soon as possible.

Today, I was on a highway with two lanes for each direction. I drove for 10 km on that highway. Then, I saw a school bus (no kids inside it) in front of me

I keep enough distance between us until We reach a cross section with coiled traffic sign which was not working. The driver of the school bus gave a sign to turn to the left. I was behind him in that moment. I have a look over the bus's overhead red lights and I found then not flashing. The same thing with the stop arm. I waited for 10 second then I drove to the right lane and passed him.

I dont know if my action was right or not because there were two cars behind the bus after I passed. These two cars stopped until the bus turn to the left then they moved.

Please let me know if I am going to charge for that.

Thank you so much.

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by: daggx on

The school bus did not have it's flashing red lights on so you are allowed to pass it. Also while normally you are not supposed to pass a vehicle on the right hand side, section 150(1) of the Highway Traffic Act allows you to pass a on the right when the vehicle you are passing is making a left hand turn. So in short it looks like you didn't do anything wrong.

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