Accidentally Passed School Bus

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Accidentally Passed School Bus

by: freakedout201 on

I accidentally passed a school bus today. I didn't realize until I heard it honk that it's lights were on and I was already past it. Does anyone know how often tickets are sent out? Would police officers come to my door? I am freaking out beyond all belief right now and I don't know what to expect. I'm a college student and I don't have much money to pay a ticket which can be between $400-2000. Any advice on what to expect or what to do would be greatly appreciated.

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by: bend on

The government provides school bus drivers with a form they can fill out for illegal passing of a school bus. If there is enough information for a charge, an officer will write up a ticket and deliver it to the residence of the registered owner.

The registered owner of the vehicle, which may or may not be the driver, will receive the ticket. They are charged as owner of the vehicle, not the driver.

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