Accused Of Failure To Slow

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Accused Of Failure To Slow

by: xbekkaax on

So the other night, around 2 am in the morning, I was driving down a main street, smoking a ciggerette.

I saw 2 regular vehicles on the left side of the road and 4 police cruisers surrounding it, leaving only the furthest right lane open for traffic.

The two cars ahead of me merged into the right lane and drove by them, so i followed right behind, i figured it was a car accident.

The street is a 60km/h and I was going maybe 45km/hr.

As soon as i passed the cruisers, one of them pulled me over. I stopped and they weren't even coming to the car yet so I decided to make things go smoother and find my drivers licence while im waiting.

As I was looking for my drivers licence with my right hand, i accidently dropped my ciggerette out the window.

The police came to the car and asked for my licence, insurance and ownership.

He then asked where i was coming from, where im heading and how many drinks i had.

I told him im coming home to meet my friend for a late night snack. I did not drink at all.

So he told me to pick up my ciggerette as he walked back to the cruiser with my stuff.

I got out and looked for it but it was all the way under my car and I didnt think he would really expect for me to get down on all fours and get it so i got back in the car.

so he comes back now with TWO tickets. first one was for failing to slowdown for emergency vehicle which was 490. the second was for LITTERING, which was 110.

I went to appeal it but I've never been to court and I don't know what's going to happen.

what would be a good way to phrase my reasons for appealing and what are the chances that I will win?

I heard that most of the time the police don't show up but then again, there's also a chance that he might and i want to be fully prepared.

I'm 20 and i cannot afford to have my insurance any higher than it already is.

my reasons

1) I did not think I needed to stop because the other two cars infront of me did not,

2) they were parked in a dark area so I did not see any policemen standing outside, if there was any.

3) I was only going 45km/hr

1) it was not intentional

2) I attempted to get it but it was not really possible without moving my car

btw, how do i ask for the disclosure? where would I go for it?

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