Section 159(2) and (3) - Failing to slow down when passing a stopped emergency vehicle.
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Dash Cam Caught Accused Of Failure To Slow Down

by: JollllyRogers on

Hi all, new to the forum. Hopefully someone can Help. On Sept 2nd 2011, i was driving along on Dixie Rd north of Brampton and i passed a cruiser that had pulled someone over. Immediately after i moved over and passed them The Police officer pulled out, pulled me over and gave me the $490 ticket. I have a Dash camera and recorded the whole thing. You can see it on Youtube : I feel i did nothing wrong...i recently asked for the Genisis II radar manual in disclore request but was denied, is that right? Please Help

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by: Stanton on

Im sorry to say, but after watching the video Ive got to side with the officer. Youre not required to pull into the oncoming lane, but you are required to slow down and proceed with caution. From your video it looks like you barely slowed down and came pretty darn close to the side of the cruiser. The fact that the officer was on the opposite side of their vehicle isnt relevant since the section states youre required to slow simply passing the cruiser, not only when the officer is on the roadway.

Again, just my opinion and maybe the video distorts perspective somewhat, but I'm not sure I'd use that video as evidence in your defence.

As for the radar manual, why are you requesting it? If the officer is alleging they measured your speed at the time of the offence, then yes it should be provided. If the radar has nothing to do with your charge, then there is no obligation to provide it.

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