Ontario Highway Traffic Act - Failing to signal
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by: bookb4 on

I actually got in an accident recently. A motorcycle hit me from behind shortly after I changed lanes. The witnesses said that I cut him off but I don't think so. I changed lanes from the left to the right on hurontario just before Brinkley in order to avoid the speeding motorcycle but he had changed at the same time that I did and sort of lost control of his bike as he was trying to stop and hurt himself. I got a ticket for $110 under act 142 (1). I signaled about 200 meters before him, I was keeping to the speed limit but he was actually speeding. I'm not to sure how to go about challenging this. Could someone let me know

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by: jfwoodcock on

i just today had an accident basically the same deal...i signalled, looked, didnt see anyone coming, went to change lanes, and BAM...75 year old man slams into the side of me...the cop charged me with change lane, not in safety, contrary to highway traffic act 142(1)...what i dont understand is how i can be charged with failing to signal...when i signalled...O.o

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Both of you have a defence to the charge. Section 142(1) is an interesting one and is a strict liability offence. You should speak to paralegal to assist you with these cases. I also suggest to read the charging section to see that this charge is very subjective. You can read more about <a href="http://www.ontariohighwaytrafficact.com ... html">Turn Not In Safety</a> and see for yourself.

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