unsafe lane change

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unsafe lane change

by: bigbuck69 on
Mon Feb 08, 2016 5:57 pm

I am new to the site but I am looking for a few answers.et me tell the you what happened I was driving down hwy 12 and the lanes went from a 4 lane to a two lane hwy I was in the right lane so I picked up speed not knowing the car beside was an officer so I had my left turn single on but it does go out after a few min so when I was roughly a car an a half length passed him because my lane was ending I turned in and as pulled over. the officer was on his way to a training coarse and charger me 8 days later.So my question is can the officer charge me 8 days later and can he issue the ticket to me when he is off duty because he showed up in plain cloths and in his own car. would it be beter to plead guilty and see if they will lower the fine
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by: jsherk on
Mon Feb 08, 2016 6:47 pm

Yes they have up to 6 months to charge you under the Highway Traffic Act.

What was the charge (name and section number)?

Does it say NOTICE OF OFFENCE at the top of the ticket or SUMMONS?

I recommend you plead Not Guilty and request a Trial with officer present. Once you get your notice of trial with the trial date, then you can request disclosure (officers notes, speed measuring device manual). Once you get the disclosure notes, post them here so we can advise further.

There is no disadvantage to pleading not guilty as you can just pay the fine any time up until the trial date. The advantage of pleading not guilty is you get to review the evidence they have against you before deciding what to do.
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