Video Showing Other Vehicles Doing Samething As I Was!!

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Video Showing Other Vehicles Doing Samething As I Was!!

by: Gina on

I received the video evidence and it clearly shows two other vehicles slowing down but not coming to a complete stop just prior to me doing the same thing. The officer clearly states in the audio that he stopped me because I slowed but did not come to a complete stop. True but neither did the other two in the video. Can my charge be dismissed on this evidence? Also the officer's notes state that he observed me proceeding through the stop at approximately 15kph ... he did not have a radar gun on me so how does he know for sure I was going 15kph? Can I challenge this in court as well? My trial date is already set.

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by: argyll on

Claiming that others are breaking the law too does not help you at all. Nor does the speed with which you ran the stop position, you either stopped or you didn't.

Nothing you have mentioned here is going to help you in any way.

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by: jsherk on

Other vehicles doing the same thing you did will not help you in the slightest and is completely irrelevent to your charge. If the video shows you not stopping, then you have pretty much 0 chance of beating it.

The officers notes stating you were going 15 km/h is also irrelevent. Maybe you were only going 5 or maybe you were going 55, but the charge is for "not stopping" so the speed you were going is irrelevent.

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