Ticket On A Bicycle

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Ticket On A Bicycle

by: vudeshie on


I wanted advice on what to do in the following situation

I was driving my bike on a side street in my neighbourhood. It is pretty quiet and dead out here.

I was carrying a heavy hanging flower basket in one hand and a heavy backpack. So I was going through the lanes and did not stop at the stop signs meant for cars.

This guy in a police cruiser flags me and tells me I have broken the law and that I should have stopped on the stop sign. I told him that i did not think they applied to me. He said it did and he asked for some identification. I gave him my health card and he wrote me a ticket. I told him he did not need to and tried to take back my health card. He got all worked up and said that i had no right to snatch it from him. Anyway he go my drivers license number from his computer and gave me the ticket with my drivers license number on it.

The fine is $110. No witnesses, no collision and no motor vehicle involved. He has quoted something under the HTA section 136(1)(c). I asked him where on the ticket he has mentioned that it says that it was bike and he said that there is a code on the ticket which looks like "UB" or "VB"

The officer was real jerk. He could see that I was carrying a lot of stuff and that it was really empty side street.

So first off the questions are :

i) Does this go against my car insurance record? I dont normally drive and don't have car insurance but may want to get it sometime.

ii) Are there any grounds to fight this frivolous ticket? The officer who gave me the ticket was real jerk. He kept saying that a bicycle is a vehicle under the traffic act and that this ticket will ensure that I now know that. He kept making notes on the sheet so I guess he will turn up to fight it if i oppose it.

Any one have any suggestions/thoughts/course of action?


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by: M0J0 on

You broke the law....................sounds like you had poor control of the bycycle and ran a stop sign.

Imagine if a car was coming the other way and plowed into you, the headlines in the paper would read:

Street racer kills man bringing a hanging basket home for his mom!

If this is the only ticket you recieved if the last 3 years, you should be ok with insurance.

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