Red Light Turn Right - was charged with 144(18)

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Red Light Turn Right - was charged with 144(18)

by: gorilla on
Tue Sep 14, 2010 10:42 pm

I would just like to get some input as to whether I ended up making a wise decision or not.

I was charged by an officer for failing to stop for a red light for a right turn. At the time, the light was changing, and I may have been late "entering the intersection". No pedestrians or other cars in motion. Cop was on the perpendicular street that I turned into (so he wasn't facing the changing light). He stopped me a block later. This was back in Sept, 09 and $190/3 points.

Basically I went to trial cuz of the 3 demerit points involved. I had prepared a half defense ready after reading some of the stuff in the forum and also printed off pictures of the intersection and the case vs sandhu. However, when it came time to do the trial, they offered a plea deal.

$95 (75+20+5)for pleading to 144 (19), no points. As far as I know. 144(19) only lists the exception to 18 and you can't really "violate" it. Anyway, I took the plea deal rather than roll the dice because it was really the points I didn't want.

So I want to hear some opinions... was it a bad choice? I just took it because it was the safe way out. Fine could have gone up if I lost, or I could have also won by going for the "reasonable doubt" route. The cop showed up that day. I also had not wanted to come back for another day of deliberation.


If I had found this forum earlier, I might have requested disclosure and prepared a better defense.. Live and learn I guess.
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