Red Light - plea bargain to "Disobey Lane Lights"??

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Red Light - plea bargain to "Disobey Lane Lights"??

by: SlickSilver on
Tue Jul 09, 2013 6:06 am

Very quick summary: I was involved in an accident at an intersection. I went through an amber light and a car turning left collided into me. There was a witness saying the light was red and so the police officer gave me a "Red Light - Fail To Stop" ticket. I thought the light was amber but it I'll admit it was definitely close and I'm not too sure. I will take this as a life lesson and be more careful driving from now on. This is my first accident/ticket and hopefully my last.

I need some advice though. My court date is next week and after reading a lot about this topic, it seems it's unlikely I'd be able to get the charges dropped since there is a witness. From my understanding, insurance rates are affected by conviction (and not demerit points), and since I don't think the charges will get dropped, my insurance will definitely increase. BUT I've read about people doing a plea bargain to a lesser charge "Disobey Lane Light", which gives no demerit points, lesser fine and possibly smaller insurance increases. Let's assume I'm at the court and I see the officer and witness and so I decide I'd rather just go with a plea would I do this? I have ZERO experience with court.

1) When prosecutor asks for my plea, I say "not guilty". I've read that he will then offer a plea bargain...does this FOR SURE happen? Do I mention "Disobey Lane Light" or is there some other charge he might say? How easy/hard is it to get a plea bargain? Is it possible that he won't offer anything?
2) What does "Disobey Lane Light" even mean?
3) What do I wear? Jeans/tshirt or Dress pants/shirt/tie?
4) Would I be able to go to court on an earlier day just to see how the process works in person (I just don't like surprises)? For example if I'm scheduled for Friday at noon, would I be able to go there Thursday at noon to see other people's trails? Would I be allowed inside and is there even usually trials everyday at around the same time?

Please help. I am SUPER nervous. Thank you everyone!
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by: Sask on
Wed Nov 20, 2013 1:49 am

I am curious how this worked out for you, I am facing a similar issue. Did the prosecutor go for disobey lane light and what did it come with? Fine? Demerits?

My situation may be stickier, but the more informed I am the better.

Cheers, I hope to hear from you and I hope it worked out!
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