Plea Bargain

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Plea Bargain

by: bluetent on
Tue Jul 27, 2010 5:39 pm

I was in court last week for this offense. The prosecutor offered everyone a plea of guilty with a lesser fine and no points. Almost 90% of them took the guilty plea.

For those who didn't agree to the plea bargain, they called them out after sometime and had the police officer "work" (the police officer's own words) on them. Some of those eventually agreed to plea guilty.

Two guys were not willing to plea guilty, the officer wouldn't stop talking to them in the hallway. This officer had about 50 cases of the same offense in the same location for that afternoon. You know what? After all these talk, the two who didn't accept the guilty plea was processed last in the court room. (when everyone has left). And when it was their turn, the officer dropped the charges based on "no evidence against the defendent". How manipulative, he just convicted 40 other people with "no evidence". Kudos to these last two guys who stuck it out.

Moral of the story, don't plea guilty to a lesser charge. If they tried to bargain with you, you are the one who stands to win. Its better to go away free then be coned into paying $60 and thinking you've saved money.

By the way, PM me if you want to know the specific location, offense, or the officer's name.
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Duplicate post from General Talk.

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