Red Light Camera Ticket

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Red Light Camera Ticket

by: nn810 on
Tue Dec 07, 2010 2:29 am

I just got a ticket from a week ago. The pics show that I was behind the line at 0.8s and in the intersection at 2.4s and both show speed of 33km/h. In the pics, you can see another car also past the line when I was going through the intersection, but I can't remember if that car actually went through or not. I had braked when it turned amber, but it was wet and I could feel it starting to skid, so I let go and went through. Any chance I can argue this? Obviously, I wouldn't have tried to run a red light at 33km/h when the limit there is 70km/h.

Also, the ticket is under someone else's name. Is it possible to have it transferred to me? But if I admit that I'm the driver, will that give me demerit points?

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