HTA 144 18 Failing to stop red light: making right hand turn

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HTA 144 18 Failing to stop red light: making right hand turn

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so here is my situation

i has driving on ferndale dr in barrie i then got the the tiffin st. intersection and the light was red i slowed down as i approached the intersection i did a rolling stop and was clearly able to see that there was no on coming cars so i proceeded with my right hand turn. i was then pulled over one intersection down the road by the officer and issued a HTA 144 18 failing to sop at a red light. I have just gotten my full G licence and am under my parents insurance my questions are 1. can i fight this in court 2. will this affect my parents insurance if i get demerit points off my licence 3. is this the right ticket to issue if i did not go threw an intersection that had a red light i just didn't make a complete stop. Lastly any suggestion to how i can reduce or get rid of this ticket i am only 21 and don't much about fighting tickets. thanks for all responses.
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by: Stanton on
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1) You can try and fight any ticket. How successful you are in Court will depend on the evidence against. Sometimes a plea deal to a lesser offence is the better bet.
2) Demerit points are usually irrelevant with insurance as they just look at convictions. They may overlook one minor conviction, the only way to know is to contact your actual provider.
3) Yes, the charge is correct. And just fyi the Courts will not accept you could see it was clear as a valid reason not to stop.
4) Request disclosure, see what the evidence against you is. Also see if the Crown is willing to offer you a plea deal. You'll then have to decide if you want to take your chances at trial and fight the ticket outright, or settle for a lesser fine/charge with a plea deal.
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