did not recieve disclosure

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did not recieve disclosure

by: wahwahboyjr on
Fri Nov 11, 2011 6:18 am

Last year I was charged with not stopping at a red light in Toronto and I hit a car, no one was injured, as I am out of town I consulted a lawyer and he advised to fight it out. So I retained him to represent me. I now have a court date on Nov 14 and my lawyer asked for disclosure twice but he did not recieve it. I am kind of concerned as to why my lawyer does not want me to attend court as he says that due to not recieving the disclosure either I will be acquitted or he will adjourn the case , incase of adjourment he will then be in
a position to do a special motion for unreasonable delay. So do I or do not attend court. Any advice is appreciated.
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