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Red light Camera

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I recently got a ticket for running a red light at Bronson and Carling. I aproached the light going 21kms with 0.2 seconds on the red light and then proceeded through the light at 1.9 seconds, however I know I turned right, I signaled my turn but my signl is not shown on the picture, as well my car is missing in the second photo but the car in the lane next to me is half way through the intersection.

I have already filed to plea not guilty, because they don't have solid evidence of my car actually in the intersection. Is that enough for me to win my case?

As well my copy of the ticket went through the wash along with my wallet.. I was wondering if there was a way to get another copy of my ticket so I hve it to bring to my court date?

Thanks for your help.

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When you show up in court prosecutor will have larger photographs that will be tendered in evidence. It works both ways. I hope this helps.

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