HTA S144(18) vs HTA S144(19) fatal error or not

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HTA S144(18) vs HTA S144(19) fatal error or not

by: momemon on
Sun Mar 23, 2014 2:07 am

hey guys

i got a ticket for making right at around 5:00am so no traffic, for making right turn on red, i did slowed to about 15-20KM checked traffic and proceeded to the road, cop was on the other side of the road and gave me a ticket for proceeding without stopping on the red light before making right turn.

ticket has section HTA 144(18) which says no turning on red at all, unless there is green arrow, however this traffic light does not has a sign that you cannot proceed on red, so appropriated section should be HTA 144(19), If i take picture of the intersection and point out that this section is wrong on ticket can this be considered as fatal or they will just ammend the ticket. please advise. any help is greatly appreciated
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by: ynotp on
Sun Mar 23, 2014 8:20 am

If you approached a red light, you did not stop COMPLETELY, and there was no green arrow indicating that you should turn left/right then you ran a red light. This makes 144.18 is the correct charge. 144.19 is the exemption allowing you to make a turn at a red light IF you have come to a FULL stop (slowing down doesn't cut it). Going to court with photos of the intersection and this story will help...the prosecution.
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