HTA 182(2) Do not drive on paved shoulder sign

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HTA 182(2) Do not drive on paved shoulder sign

by: jjhsix on
Fri Mar 14, 2014 8:57 am

Hello, any advice would be much appreciated.

I was given a ticket for failing to obey a traffic sign that reads - Do not drive on paved shoulder. My situation was as follows: I was behind a car making a left turn into a Tim Horton's and drove around the car on the right hand side. From this point the sign I allegedly disobeyed is at a minimum 125 metres north and it is the first sign in a series of about 4-5 such signs. There are no signs prior to where my offence occurred. I simply did not see the sign because as I said the first one was a distance up the road. I have elected to go to trial for this charge and my trial is in about 2 months. Does anyone have any advice for me? Should I videotape the area and present that as evidence in Court? Thanks.
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