182 (2) disobey sign, southbound bay st, toronto

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182 (2) disobey sign, southbound bay st, toronto

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I was charged with "disobey sign" while turning onto the Eastbound Gardiner Expressway from Southbound Bay Street.

Here is the route:


I believe the sign that's actually posted is "no-left turn", and the signage is a bit confusing because the maneuver seems more like a U-turn.

I was wondering if anyone has successfully fought a ticket at this location, and if there can be an argument made (and won). The two arguments which came to mind were that the signage is unclear and/or the sign is not prominently displayed given the confusing configuration of the streets and ramps in this area.

I was thinking of arguing there should be clearer signage, such as a written sign: "no access to gardiner eastbound from southbound bay", since it is not clear to a driver going southbound in toronto style heavy traffic, where you must make a decision quickly that a left turn is what is being executed.


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