Ticket My Husband Got

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Ticket My Husband Got

by: mander on

My husband just got a ticket driving down Highway 42 in Windsor. He is a truck driver. So he was onhis way to the boarder. When he came up to a cop car on the sideof the road with someone pulled over. My husband moved over half into the other lane but had to get back into his lane because there was an on coming car heading towards him. If he didn't get over he would have hit that car head on. My husband was passed the police car when he returned into his lane. The cop then ran to his car and pulled my husband over.

He gace my husband a ticket for Section 159 (3) Failure to move into another lane for an emergency Vehicle. $490. And from what I have read 3 points. He will be fighting the ticket. Because it was unsafe for him to drice in the other lane due to an on coming car. He did move his truck over enough to give the police officer room to get back to his car safely. But I guess that wasn't good enough.

What should we do? This will cost him points, and a bit more as he is a truck driver.

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