Was the officer pushing me or was I pulling him?

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Was the officer pushing me or was I pulling him?

by: rightersbloc on
Mon Aug 23, 2010 11:44 am

I was driving on the left lane behind two other vehicles doing around 120km/h when a SUV police cruiser pulls right up behind me. I switched to the centre lane to get out of his way, but because the road we were on was sloped down I guess my speed increased a little, plus he stayed right behind me. I figured he still wanted to get by, so I went to the far right lane, and that is when he flashed his lights.

I told him that I saw him and was just trying to get out of his way. He said then why did I increase my speed. I didn't notice that I was, because I was focused on him right behind me, that he was pushing me to get out of the way. He said, I was pulling him...

So, he said I was going 134, and reduced it to 130 - a believe that makes little difference - and proceeded to make a comment about my hair...

Should I take it to court?
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by: ZeroConvictions on
Fri Aug 27, 2010 1:11 pm

rightersbloc wrote:Should I take it to court?
YES. (http://www.ticketcombat.com/)

1) Option 3.
2) Request Disclosure after you get the trial date
3) Attend trial.

possible outcomes.
1) Cop doesn't show or lost his notebook.
2) You didn't get disclosure
3) Make a Plea deal
4) Go to Trial - reasonable doubt - no conviction.
4b) Go to Trial - Found Guilty - conviction

Good Luck
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