Stopped For Speeding Trying to get myself medical help

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Stopped For Speeding Trying to get myself medical help

by: StewartA on
Tue Nov 12, 2013 2:59 am

Looking For Help With Best Way To Fight The Ticket
I was stopped for speeding trying to get myself medical help when I was on a Hwy 19. I had a abdominal pain attack which I have ongoing issues with 3 surgeries in the last 3 years and one of them I almost died. I live in London and did not know the area very well I was in and did not have a cell phone on me either. When I started to have my attack my action was to get help for myself so I was speeding to get to the hospital for help (as I stated I do have a history and it is ongoing issue) I ended up getting stopped for speeding and got lecture on speeding. I told the officer I was in need of medical attention and he asked if a ambulance was needed and I told him yes but he never called for one. I went back to his car and again told him I needed help and was told to go back to my truck and wait which I did... When he came back to my truck he stated he could see I was in pain and lowered the ticket and told me the hospital was about 7 min up the highway and left me on my own with no ambulance!When I got to the hospital and was given medical attention for the pain I was in and the abdominal spams I was having. I have all the hospital records stating I was treated for abdominal spams and given injections.

When I got home I called the OPP detachment and explained the issue and the nice lady I spoke to said you don't have to explain about how much pain you are in as her son has croons and knows all to well what the pain is like. She had the sergeant call me and he apologized for the officer having no compassion and could not give an answer to WHY and AMBULANCE was not called I told me to speak with the crown and the ticket should be ripped up as he was not able to do it. I also created a complaint with the OIPRD as to why I did not get an ambulance.

I have court Nov 15th but I was able to speak with the prosecutor last week and explained everything to him and he said he would follow up on my story and would get back to me but I have not heard from him and it's Tuesday already and Friday I have court.
Any help would be grateful
As I stated I do have all my medical documented All I wanted to do was get medical help for myself I was freaked out at the time of the attack and knowing my history
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