Speeding with no limit specified on ticket

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Speeding with no limit specified on ticket

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I had got a speeding ticket in Ontario when I was driving North and the cop was driving South, came back and pulled me over. Cop said to me that I was doing 114 in a 80 zone. Honestly I belive I am not doing that much, probably I might be doing a 100. However, I did not argue with him, I am polite and said that I might not be doign that much. cop had given me a ticket after verifying my License and the Vechcle papers. He said to me that he is giveing a ticket for doing over by 30 Km than the speed limit. But, in the offence column he just put only "Speeding", he did not put how much I am doing and what is the actual limit. He had put in a fine of 180+40 = $ 220.

Can anybody suggest me what are the chances that I might get away with this ticket as the officer did nto actually input any speed on the ticket, he had just orally told me.

Any inputs are appreciated.

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