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Speeding Ticket For Doing 100klm/h In A 60klm Zone : York Region, Newmarket

by: mattstar on

Hello everyone,

This is my first "major" ticket that results in me gaining 4 demerit points. I have had a few tickets in the past, but this is the first one that has given me any points. My insurance has never raised.

I thought I was only doing 90, but his speedometer was clear. There were cars behind me but I was leading the pack.

The officer did not speak much, but he did show me the speedometer that showed 100klm. He did not reduce the ticket.

For information I am also only a G2 driver, and im not sure exactly how 4 demerit points could effect my licence.

My current plan is to try and fight the ticket in hopes that I could get the ticket lowered as to not affect my insurance. Also, I can get my full G license in this waiting period.

Am I going about this right? Is there anything else I should try to do to lessen the blowback from this incident?

I have never fought a ticket before, so this is all very new to me.

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