Speeding 130 Km/h On 90 Km/h Zone

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Speeding 130 Km/h On 90 Km/h Zone

by: jackqu on

I got a ticket going speeding 130 km/h on a 90 km/h zone. I have filed for disclosure and have not admitted to anything. Also can I postpone my first attendance date? if so, what kind of reasons are considered valid to postpone the date.

Please let me know what my options are.


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by: liveontheedge on

There is no judge in the first attendance meeting, just call in and reshedule the meeting, no serious reason has to be given as long as it's within the allowed time frame and that they can accomdate it. But postpone the trial is different.

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by: racer on

You should have a list of dates when you can come to your FA meeting. One of them should suit you.

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by: Traffic Law on

Just to add to the comment re: postponing a first attendance date. Provincial Offences Act nor Highway Traffic Act provide for first attendance in the first place. Meetings with prosecutors is a local practice of the particular jurisdiction.

In most first attendance practices prosecution is not in the position to discuss resolution (unless they reviewed disclosure). Prosecutor must have a reasonable prospect of conviction and in the absence of disclosure prosecution should not attempt to "resolve" alegations (unless you insist of course...)

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