Speeding 108 Km/hr In A 60 Km/hr Zone

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Speeding 108 Km/hr In A 60 Km/hr Zone

by: Flyingz on

So i recieved a ticket for speeding 108 in a 60 zone, the ticket was not reduced by the officer. The ticket was given in uxbridge so I would be dealing with the whitby courthouse. The officer did mention at the time of giving me the ticket that she cannot reduce my ticket as she is a traffic unit and works on quota... or something of that sort. I was confused as to why an officer would not have the authority to reduce the ticket at the scene. What are my options in this case? I recieved the ticket on May 20, 2013 and filed on June 7, 2013. I have yet to recieve my trial date

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