Speed Limit Sign - White Numbers On Black Background

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Speed Limit Sign - White Numbers On Black Background

by: EKLMN on

How this kind of speed limit road signs (black background, white numbers) fit into HTA? You could see them on Ottawa Parkways, which are under Federal jurisdiction (i.e. under RCMP). But speeding ticket is still under Provincial Court. Reason to ask - my wife got a speeding ticket 94 in 60 zone (Aviation parkway), but she, perhaps, first time drove in this part of the city, and did not recognize black background speed limit sign.

According to HTA speed limit signs should have black numbers on white background.

No I am trying to help her in court.

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by: Decatur on

These signs are perfectly legal on federal NCC roadways. Generally enforcement is done by the RCMP but OPP and Ottawa police can enforce it as well. The maximum speed on NCC roads is 60 km/h by regulation and actually doesnt need to be posted unless it deviates from that.

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