Please Help 146 Km/hr In A 100 Km/h Zone

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Please Help 146 Km/hr In A 100 Km/h Zone

by: ah2512 on

Hi NEW to this Fourm

I need some help/advice

On September 4th 2009 (11:04 PM)

I was driving a 2005 Honda Accord Black THIS IS A DEALERS CAR WITH A DEALER PLATE.

I was driving on the 401(Kitchener) going 145-150KM

The OPP Officer Parked on the right side in his cruisier

I was in the far LEFT lane going 145-150KM

The OPP caught me with his 'radar' going 146Km/Hr

Pulled me over asked me for the license and ownership/insurance

I had my License gave it to him

Didnt have the Ownership ...

I Was in Kitchener because the car dealer in toronto and I made a deal on a car I purchased price was 15900 he gave it to me for 15K in turn if he needs to pick up cars from auction I drive there to pick then up with my freind...

So the OPP officer gives me 2 tickets

1- .... Speeding (146KM/Hr in a 100 ZONE)

2....Failing to show Permit/Ownership...

First I thought a dealer plate had the ownership with it being the reason it says DEALER in RED...

Otherwise what is the point of classifying "dealer" if you still need an ownership.. etc...

So I live in Toronto and went to court to file for a TRIAL (both tickets)

The Car dealer will give me a COPY of the Ownership.

Im taking Police Foundations to be a Cop.... (Iknow what the hell and im speeding...)

Im in Semester 2.

Im 19 and already pay $310 for insurance..

I called some Ticket fighters and they qouted me around 300-550

I Cannot get this ticket on my recored for 2 reasons


2-Policing career even thought im allowed up to "6 Demerit points"

The OPP officer seems like he will have his information/notes perfect

he took the VIN of the car

Wanted the name of the Car Dealer in Toronto.

I even told him What I did was wrong and im planning to become a cop.. etc.. and he said yeah im sorry but the ticket is coming ...

So any advice?

Im pretty sure almost certain he will show up to trial.. His attutuide of

"I dont reduce my ticketS"

"If you went four + Km over I would of towed your car"

I was also told by Ticket fighters (OTT,X-COPPERS..ETC)

My ticket is likely going to be dropped by -29KM and have 3 Demerit points..

And that I have a better chance of winning the lottery then getting the ticket dropped to no Points

And how Kitchener is a small jurisdiction and cops always show up

and as one guy told me its harder in the small towns its like

"Small town Justice"

Please help some advice....

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by: hwybear on

A "dealer" plate (white/red) or a "service plate" (yellow/black) just allows an automotive dealer/shop the ability to put a plate on a vehicle and go. As in....they do not have to get a plate properly registered onto a vehicle.

If a person gets stopped with a dealer/service plate they still must provide the ownership and proof of valid insurance upon demand.

as for being hired, it is rare that anyone is being hired at your age (not saying it can not happen). The last grad for our service (AUG09) of 108 rookies and I think the youngest was 27 and oldest 41. What the recruiters look for in regards to driving history is that you don't have 6 points when applying. That if you have prior conviction(s) that you be honest and accountable when asked about your driving history, that you learned from your mistakes and have moved forward in adjusting your driving habits. FYI - when asked driving history questions it is your whole life, not the last 2-3yrs.

Above is merely a suggestion/thought and in no way constitutes legal advice or views of my employer.
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by: Squishy on

You should read the applicants/recruits threads on the Blueline forums. Over here, only about 5% of the Police Foundations graduates get onto any service right away, so have a backup job or even a career prepared to support yourself while you apply.

I don't think a few traffic tickets will affect your application, unless your attitude about it causes concern (i.e., "That stupid cop gave me a frivolous ticket," "I got this ticket but it's okay because everyone does it," etc.). From what I understand, they're mostly interested in what kind of person you are, your attitude, your morals, and what you can bring to the job.

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by: Off_Camber on

off Topic, as for this "Police Foundations" college course- I saw a job posted on the Ontario Government Career section for a Conservation Officer in Atikokan :idea:

look on the bright side- its a cushie government job, you get to carry a gun, and the only thing you have to worry about up there is a few Americans poaching a Bull moose :lol:

and it paid very well

or you could try applying to the MTO Commercial Vehicle Enforcement and about the only thing you have to do is harass a few burly irrate truckers at the Thickson Road chicken coup :roll:


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