Officer Says 35 Over, My Dash Cam Says I Was No More Than 11 Over

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Officer Says 35 Over, My Dash Cam Says I Was No More Than 11 Over

by: stevedrewman on

Hello All,

Recently, an officer pulled me over on a busy highway and wrote a ticket for 35 over in a posted 90. The dashcam from my car also has a speed reading from the cars speedometer (not GPS based) that shows I was no more than 11 over during the occurrence, and reduced the speed back down quickly after passing.

Would it be foolish to use this footage in court? after all, it shows me speeding, but no where near the charge the officer laid. The footage also shows a busy highway with plenty of vehicles nearby, any of which could've been in the beam of their radar at the distance the officer was sitting.

Many thanks in advance!

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by: bend on

Speeding is what they call an "absolute liability" offense. It's important to know that.

Basically what that means is that you either speeding or you weren't.

Your defense would have to be "I was not speeding." There's no wiggle room here. It can't be "I was speeding but..."

By suggesting you provide video of yourself speeding, whether it's 11km or 35, you would essentially be saying "Yes, I'm guilty."

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