Incorrect highway location on ticket

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Incorrect highway location on ticket

by: ww60 on
Fri Oct 28, 2011 12:34 pm

I was driving northbound on highway 400 too sudbury north of barrie and was caight by an airplane for 144 km/h in 100 km/h zone. There isnt much i have to fight against it. I was in the left lane unable to move over and a car behind me was coming up fast so i had to speed up until i could move over. we both go pulled over at the speed trap zone. On the ticket after looking at it throughly stated HIGHWAY 11 at mount st. Louis road instead of HIGHWAY 400 at mount st Louis road. HWY 11 doesn't cross mount st Louis road. Does this dismiss the ticket or change anything or will it just be amended in court. I don't live in Barrie so i do not want to go back if i have nothing to work with.
What do you think/suggest of this situation?
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