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Re: Disclosure - Front Of Ticket Not Provided, Only Rear?

by: Decatur on

It doesn’t matter. Generally court dates are assigned for when the officer is working to save $$. On an off day a typical appearance at court will be time and a half overtime with a minimum amount of time generally around 4 hours. Court appearances for officers are subpoenas. They hVe to show up or face some consequences.

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by: winston301 on

Hi everyone, just a quick update for anyone else who was following this thread and wanted to know what happened.

As predicted by Decatur, the officer *did* show up even though it wasn't his 'normal' court date. Even on the docket, I could tell from the badge number, he didn't have any other cases under his name that day.

Despite all of this, the prosecution requested an adjournment AGAIN, and it was granted AGAIN. I won't get into the reasons, but let's just say something 'unexpected' happened near and/or inside the courthouse that day, causing multiple adjournments. I will have to go back again, some months into 2020.


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