Convicted, Paid, Going to appeal help

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Convicted, Paid, Going to appeal help

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Okay, I was convicted for a speeding ticket at 149 on the 401 at 1:50am 2011/09/18 for $359, and paid yesterday $364.
I was convicted because I miss read the ticket, and hid it believing I'd get a court date in the mail, not conviction and licence suspension letters.

Now I've paid I got word to go to the court of appeal and set a date to get the ticket lowered, or the demerit points taken away.

How should I go about doing this?
Should I hire a lawyer to do this for me?
How soon should I file for a appeal. I was going to do it today, however, I feel too uneducated in these processes to make solid decisions.

What would you guys advice me to do for the best outcome.

I'm a full time student, with G2 license driving a Honda Civic 2010.

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I'm not sure an appeal would be granted in your case based on the circumstances. Probably best you consult with a paralegal.

Just be aware, there is no guarantee if you get a new trial that the Crown will offer a plea deal. Also, if the ticket was lowered at the roadside, they could raise the speed back up to the full amount at the new trial.

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