138 km/h on 401...Trial in 1 month?!

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138 km/h on 401...Trial in 1 month?!

by: jbs101 on
Fri Apr 11, 2014 4:05 pm

Hi all,

Been browsing the forums and have found a lot of good information, hoping I can get some advice!

I received a speeding ticket for 38 KM/h over the posted limit on the 401. The ticket was issued on March 1st and I sent in the ticket to request a trial a week after that.

Yesterday (April 10th) I received a notice of trial in the mail. My trial date is May 14th, 1 month from the notice which seems very quick to me. In any event, I have faxed in a disclosure request to the prosecutors office and will be waiting to receive some info back.

My question is, do I have any grounds to ask for adjournment given how soon the trial date is from the notice? I can only imagine that I won't see anything from the prosecutors office for at least a week or 2. Seems like most of the people on the forum received trial dates for months down the line giving them time to prepare where I have 3 weeks at best!

Thanks in advance!!
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