117 km/h in an 80 km/h zone, Highway 6

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117 km/h in an 80 km/h zone, Highway 6

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I was caught passing by an OPP police car doing 117 km/h on Highway 6. My brother goes to Waterloo and he is very lazy to take the bus back, so I had to drive him there from Hamilton, even though I had a test to study for the following day. I am by no means blaming my brother for his laziness and me subsequently driving home faster to study - I am taking full responsibility for my actions and am currently having a seriously guilty conscious because of it.

I have already paid my parking ticket online, hoping that would be the last thing I would have to deal with. Yesterday I unexpectedly got a letter from MTO saying my license is to be suspended on March 29 for 30 days and there will be a reinstatement fee of $150. I have already searched online and it's true that I will be suspended, but it was unexpected news for me since I was not informed by the officer.

I will also get 4 demerit points for speeding. Will this affect my insurance?

But here is my main question: Is there any possible way to deter the 30 day suspension? I am a student driving from Hamilton to Mississauga Monday-Friday for school and I would hate to have my license suspended, but I am at fault for speeding and this is just the consequence of it.

I have read that paying the reinstatement fee of $150 is enough to get back my license ASAP, but does this also apply to my case or do I have to serve my full suspension? I only want clarification and thanks in advance.

As a side comment, this is my first speeding ticket ever and I will make sure it's my LAST. This whole ordeal is very bad for my conscience and well-being. :lol:

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You cannot defer the suspension until later. I do not know if you can appeal one of the 30 day novice suspensions. Paying the $150 right now will have no effect on your licence, that only applies if you are unlicenced, whereas you are suspended.

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