80 in 60 zone

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80 in 60 zone

by: seller on
Wed Oct 08, 2014 12:16 pm

To understand the noted
TV is Target vehicle
PC is police cruiser
The location is on colonel by drive, Ottawa between Bronson and heron. See Google maps for university along Colonel by.

Officer notes as follows:

TV = Blue escape
PC Speed = 65
Traffic = OVIB

PC going SB on Col by passed University saw TV going NB at high speed
Excel 90
Activ @ 91
Locked @ 90
Sustained until pulled over

Driver said he didn't realize
At first polite
when served reduced started questioning reading
asked to see radar
safe to so presented
Driver started arguing about locked speed was 91
Gave him ultimatum on reduced speed since arguing
Driver back tracked with w4 in PC

Please advise if this is a valid thought:
PC was SB. TV was travelling NB
Traffic on NB lane on which TC was travelling as only vehicle inbound. 
No description on traffic on SB lane on which PC travelling. (There could have been vehicles)

If PC was doing 65 and TC was doing 90 in opposite directions. How did the PC notify the TV to pull over and when were the sirens / light activated?
Where were TV and PC when pull over was in progress? TV in NB lane and PC in SB lane or both in NB lane? 
No mention of this on officers notes. So what happens? 

Did the PC turn around to pursuit the TV in the SB lane? Was sight of TV maintained? 
Notes indicate speed was sustained until pull over. 

Question the officer on his knowledge of procedure and training to execute a traffic pull over? How did he execute the pull over in this case?
Was he in the NB lane behind the TV? Since, there is no mention on the notes other than initial approach that PC and TV were travelling in opposite directions. 
How can i use this to my advantage?

Lets assume, PC turned around to pursuit the TV in the NB lane and executed traffic pull over 
Argument: PC must have executed a 3 point turn to pursuit the TV in NB lane. The notes mention PC passed university when TV was approaching PC. 
Radar on PC indicated TV was @ 90 and sustained until pull over.
There is no mention on the notes that radar was activated when PC was in NB lane approaching TV from behind.

Argument: In officers notes, "PC passed university and then noticed and locked TV at 90". 
On colonel by drive at the university there is an intersection of traffic to enter / exit colonel by drive. Can the officer be challenged to describe if TV 
was pulled over before or after the intersection? *There is nothing about it on the notes.. what happens?
if after the intersection... did the officer loose sight of TV during 3 point manure to get to NB lane from SB lane.
The TV may have passed through the intersection and I may have just entered Colonel by drive.
When did the officer identify the TV as the blue escape?
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