Two Tickets In 2012

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Two Tickets In 2012

by: monty on

I got my 1st ever speeding ticket on Jjan 9th 2012 with 28km over in etobicoke. my trial date is on Dec 17th 2012. and today I got another speeding ticket for 10kms over(with a break from the cop).

pls advise-

what should I do when I go to court on trial date. what I have to say to the judge? do I have to see the anyone else or directlt the judge. should I say anything so that It can lower my fine? will this affect my insurance?

my 2nd ticket- should I again contest or pay it.

pls advise

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by: Stanton on

Those are some pretty general questions. Take some time to read through the forums and you should get a good overview of what to expect and how to proceed with your charges.

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