Toronto speeding 83 in 60 zone

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Toronto speeding 83 in 60 zone

by: Sandruas on
Sun Apr 13, 2014 9:45 pm

Today I was driving on queens way and all the sudden I see a car trying to get out of a parking lot. I taught it was someone who didn't look. But it
Was a unmarked police car that showed me to pull over.

1. Factors
Come from red light, no way to catch that kind of speed being automatic car I would have to rev up engine and my girlfriend would scream who was next
To me.
2. He pulled his cruiser in front of me and I stopped right away. No way to slow down so fast.
3. He stopped another person after me. Gun may be off in accurate
He could have shown some else's speed
4.He pulled another Audi Q5 at the same time

What are my steps?
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by: 287 on
Tue Apr 15, 2014 10:25 am

Yes, you have the option of going to trial if you do not like the deal offered at ER. You will also likely be offered a deal before a trial begins on the date they set the trial for as well.

Generally, ER is all about agreeing on what you will plead guilty to. Do not expect a charge to be withdrawn.

Also note, if the charge was reduced roadside, when you received the ticket, if you go to trial, it can be amended back up to the original speed.

Pick an option and file your ticket. Then request disclosure from the prosecutor's office. Once you receive the disclosure you will know the evidence against you and be able to make an informed decision about a possible defence.

Best wishes.

Please know, that I am not offering the opinion of a professional in traffic law. I am sharing information gained through experience.
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