request to stay for no disclosure

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request to stay for no disclosure

by: coldanca on
Fri Jun 06, 2014 10:16 am

Hello everyone. I received a speeding ticket on october 29th 2013. She said i was doing 87 on 60 but she reduced it to 75 because i had clean record. i requested early resolution hoping they would drop the charges, they did not - that was january 8th 2014. I received the trial date for June 18th 2014. I immediately mailed a letter request disclosure- no answer. I mailed another one without any answers. So on may 17th I faxed and mailed an 4F form asking for stay of proceedings as I had received no disclosure. I got a voicemail yesterday June 5th telling me my disclosure is ready for pick-up. I never gave them my number. I feel like they called because they finally found my request to stop the trial. What do I do? Do I go ahead with my pre-trial motion for stay and pretend I never had any message? (they could then say they called a long time ago...) Do I acknowledge that they called me 8 business days before the trial, thus giving me no time to prepare, which would lead to adjournment not stay? Thank you in advance.
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