69 in a 50 - reduced to 60 in a 60?? - fatal error?

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69 in a 50 - reduced to 60 in a 60?? - fatal error?

by: mogwai on
Mon Jun 04, 2012 5:49 pm

Hey there, first post. Received a ticket this morning for 60 in a 50 as per the police officer. They had clocked me with LIDAR and was hiding behind a pole at 69 kmh. The officer provided me the ticket and it looks like they might have made a mistake so that the 60 in a 50 looks like 60 in a 60. Question: Could this be considered ambiguous by the judge?

Second part: The officer did not code the ticket as reduced either, does that limit my exposure to the original clocked speed if I take it to court?

Background: no convictions in over 10 years, 6 star insurance rating, insurance company will raise rates 5% for a minor conviction.

Thanks in advance.
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by: admin on
Fri Jun 08, 2012 6:39 pm

If you have been ticket free for over 10 years, then its a good chance your insurance company wont need to run your abstract and check it... If you stay with them they may not even ever know you got a traffic ticket and your rates wont rise.... Insurance companys don't run your abstract everytime you renew, because it costs them money. This is atleast what my insurance company guy told me. I also havent had a ticket in about 10 years... Knock on wood!
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