Is radar infallible?

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Is radar infallible?

by: rank on
Thu Jan 07, 2016 12:44 am

You may recall my previous threads where I state that I was truly and honestly traveling approx 50-55 instead of the 72 at which I was locked. Lets rule out speedometer error because my GPS matches my speedometer.

In an effort to understand how this can happen, I have put forth several questions about how his radar may have given an incorrect reading. All my theories have been rejected as impossible.

So then, if we assume for a minute that I am telling the truth, and we also assume that radar is infallible...... the officer must be lying right?

Is there any way at all that the genesis 2 can get a
high reading while following an empty Flatbed tractor trailer at 40 metres in same direction mode?

Impossible right?
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