Opp Notes Don't Mention Radar Test After Shift

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Opp Notes Don't Mention Radar Test After Shift

by: stevedrewman on

Hello All -

I recently got cited for 85 in a 70, the officer lowered it at the scene from 102, which I doubt I was going since it was relatively poor driving conditions - but that's not what I'm questioning.

In the officer's notes, he mentioned the first test at the beginning of his shift, after a few notes that were redacted (I assume for privacy) he lists my infraction. After that, there were a couple more pages of redacted notes, and that's it.

My question is: where is it written that the office has to test the radar (Decatur Genisis II) at the beginning and the end of his shift AND if at court the officer says he has the last page that shows the final test or testifies to testing it at the end of his shift, is that admissible.

Thank you so so much!

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